Why Us?

Why are awnings or canopies needed?

With an awning or canopy, whether fixed awning or retractable awning or canopy, it protects your family (for home users); customers and staff (for commercial setup); employees and goods (industrial setup) from the sun and the rain. You can continue to enjoy the outdoors even with light rain or heavy rain in Malaysia.

With the installation of awnings, canopies or patio cover, it reduces the glare from the hot sunlight in Malaysia. Besides that, it also reduces the amount of heat in your house, office, commercial lots or industrial plots. With this, it will greatly decrease your monthly electricity bills in air conditioning. An awning, especially the electrical retractable awning allows you the freedom to control the amount of sunlight or shade that you need at a particular time.

Why Choose our awning & canopy contractor: -

We’re a one-stop awnings and canopy contractor and specialist hub in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Selangor. Being a one-stop awning, canopy, retractable awning or stretchable awning design and construction hub, we’ll help you save on your time and hassle in having to deal with multiple contractors. Just tell our awning specialists what you want, and our awning team will handle the rest. We will give you peace of mind.

At our canopy and retractable stretchable awning company, we use high quality products and materials for all the work undertaken by us. All our door canopy and awning products are highly durable. Our highly trained staff will brainstorm with you and provide you with many ideas and solutions. They will guide and give you the awning solutions based on your budget. We will ensure that you receive top quality canopy and awning installation and workmanship in all our work. Our staffs are always willing to listen to your ideas. Your ideas will be incorporated into the plan and awning canopy shelter design, though we may advise on some changes due to safety measures and regulation. We’ll also help advice you on the best materials like metal, aluminium, folding arm, fabric to use for your awning, canopy or roofing.

We offer very competitive pricing for the materials used and also services rendered. We also provide warranty for our work and materials.

We also strive to provide a fast response time should any problem arise before, during or after the completion of the awning canopy installation project.